Junior Golf Programs


The most important mission of my U.S.KIDS Golf Academy is the make kids love the game of golf as much as I do. It is more important to me to introduce a new kid to the game of a lifetime than to create a world champion. The growth of junior golf is my major priority at our golf club.

Parents are very involved in my junior program. They are involved every time we go out onto the golf course to help drive carts as our golf course is impossible to walk. I encourage parents to be involved and have a parent orientation that they do online on the TPI Junior curriculum website. I also encourage every parent to complete the PCA and to read Daddy Caddy. I was the US KIDS Local Tour Director for Oklahoma City so I also encourage all of the parents there to do the same. I believe that positive parent involvement is crucial to keep the kids involved in golf.

I incorporate fun and creativity into my program in many ways. I am continually educating myself on more ways to make golf fun. I completed the TPI Junior and US KIDS CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Courses and use a lot of their material. Every session includes games and competitions to win US KIDS golf balls. We use modified tee boxes so that kids get the sense of what a birdie, par and bogie feels like.